© Marcus Kreiss: 'Black manege', video-still @ souvenirsfromearth.tv

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Carte Blanche Modem to Marie-Agnès Gillot

September 18 2018 | fashion News

... A life of passion, a dream life, she a danced life.
Marie-Agnès Gillot is the Dance.

For these editions of Milano and Paris dedicated to Women’s Spring/Summer 2019 collections, Modem gives “carte blanche” to MARIE-AGNÈS GILLOT, french dancer and choreographer. « Elle danse Marie, elle danse. Elle adore quand ça balance... ». (...

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“Carte Blanche” Modem to the Artists Mrzyk & Moriceau

June 13 2018 | art News

For Modem Europe SS 2019 is giving “carte blanche” to Petra Mrzyk, born in 1973 in Nuremberg and Jean-François Moriceau, born in 1974 in Saint-Nazaire. They live and work in France.