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July 24 2016
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The Art Newspaper : Reading Prison and its most famous inmate inspire major new project

Patti Smith, Steve McQueen and Marlene Dumas, among others, respond to Oscar Wilde and the jail's architecture and history

May 13 2016

The Art Newspaper: US museums spent $5bn to expand

Is more than the total expenditure of 85 museums in 37 countries reviewed...

November 20 2015

The Art Newspaper: “Quantity Now Wins Over Quality”

(Matthew Collings} of The Art Newspaper reflects on the overproduction of contemporary art.

June 10 2015

Frieze : "Painting after Technology"

‘What effect has digital technology had on contemporary painting ?’ a video published by Frieze on its website.

May 15 2015

Artsy: "Adrian Piper and Armenia Take Golden Lions, But Does the Prize Matter?"

Tess Thackara analyzes what art prizes mean for today's awarded artists.

May 01 2015

Dazed Digital: "Artist Launches Fundraiser to Live 24/7 in Virtual Reality"

Mark Farid questions the meaning of virtual realities in a 28-day long art experiment.

April 01 2015

The Art Newspaper : “Artists Call the Shots” 

MODEM chose to highlight this article in order to discuss the role of the artist as a curator.

March 01 2015

Sleek: "Curation as Conversation: One Step Ahead Moving Backwards at LEAP"

In her article for Sleek magazine, Josie Thaddeus-Jones speaks of the One Step Ahead, Moving Backwards exhibition at LEAP, Berlin, and analyzes how social life and the Internet accelerate and influence art production.

March 01 2015

i-D: "Maxxi Gallery and the Future of Contemporary Art in Rome"

What is the purpose of an art gallery in 2014? Hou Hanru, MAXXI’s Artistic Director, answers this question.