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“Ciné Odeón, London
© Raul Belinchon


Favoris>Europe Fall-Winter 2006-2007

Cover by Raul Belinchon

For the cover and insert images of this Favoris>Europe, we gave “carte blanche” to Raul Belinchon.

Born in 1975 in Valencia, Spain, Raul Belinchon, in the beginning of his young career, is already one of the artists, whom pieces are presented in permanent collections of many spanish Museums of Contemporary Art, like the “Centro de Arte Reina Sofia de Madrid”.

The images of the series “patio de butacas” represent the world of dreams, a screenplay in a screenplay, making us feel the sensation of silence in order to stimulate our individual imagination.

Closed, artificial spaces made by men for temporary & transitory uses and become spaces of transit, leisure, movement and rest where one can let loose one’s time and dreams.

© Barbaro