Digital editions and covers


"Capriccio 2008", Glossy-C print, 104x127
© Janaina Tschäpe


Favoris>Europe Fall-Winter 2009-2010

Cover by Janaina Tschäpe

We have given to the artist Janaina Tschäpe “Carte Blanche”, for this edition of FAVORIS EUROPE.
Born in 1973 in Munich, Germany, she lives and works in New York, USA and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Janaina Tschäpe is german and brazilian.
Her work has a certain magic, a rite of possession that is as related to the light of german romanticism as to the shadows of afro-brazilian transe rituals.
Her work is rich with signs and body language.

In keeping with her practice of cross-dressing nature and of creating hybrid creatures with the aid of colorful blow-ups, condoms filled with water, extensible costumes and modeling clay, Janaina Tschäpe is a botanist of the imaginary.

Her works are present in numerous museums, such as National Gallery of Art-Washington D.C., Centre Pompidou-Paris, Centro de Arte Reina Sophia-Madrid, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum-New York, MAM Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro, Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary-Vienna.

She is represented by galerie XIPPAS, Paris.

© Ezio Barbaro