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© Gabriele Basilico

Favoris>Europe Spring-Summer 2003

Cover by Gabriele Basilico

We've realised this new edition of Favoris>europe in order for you to have a complete vision of all the european "meetings" that will take place during the sales session of the fashion collections s/s 2003 (for both clothing and spare-parts).

Favoris> europe is also an index that includes the european professional structures (i.e.: federations, trade shows organisators, press offices, schools, etc...)

We have also selected the most important fashion boutiques of this european "itinerary", together with all the information that could be useful during your trip. This guide is available into the main trade shows and show rooms of: Anwerp, Barcelone, Bruxells, Dusseldorf, Londres, Madrid, Milano, Munich et Paris.

Favoris>europe special edition "Paris capitale de la mode" will be out starting from january 2003.

© Ezio Barbaro