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"Knokke poliptyc", 2002
© Massimo Vitali

Favoris>Europe Spring-Summer 2004

Cover by Massimo Vitali

For the cover and insert images we gave "carte blanche" to Massimo Vitali.
Born in como, he LIVES and work in Lucca. In the early Sixties Massimo Vitali starts a career in photojournalism collaborating with many european magazines. The meeting with Simon Guttmann founder of the agency Report is fundamental for his growth as a concerned photographer.

At the beginning of the 80’s a growing mistrust in the absolute capacity of photography in reproducing the subtleties of reality leads him to develop a new activity as cinematographer in the world of fiction and advertising.
But the relationship with the still camera never ceased and over the past ten years he has developed a new approach in portraying the world: photography seen as an expression of contemporary art.

For this edition Massimo Vitali has supplied us with images of his giant instalation on the beach of Knokke Le Zoute in Belgium. These photos will be published in "Landscape with figures” by Steidl, out november 03.

© Ezio Barbaro