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"The Shared Waters”, 2004
© Michel Comte

Favoris>Europe Spring-Summer 2005

Cover by Michel Comte

For the cover and insert images, we gave “carte blanche” to Michel Comte.
Born in Zurich, Switzerland, Michel Comte, lives and works between Zurich, Paris, New York & Los Angeles.
From an early age he is fascinated by photography, especially the work of man ray, weegee and swiss photographer gottard schuh.

His profesionnal career starts with the ungaro campaign. After ungaro and Chloé his work for the most prestigious fashion houses is often published in leading fashion magazines.

In spite of his success & clout in the fashion & advertising world, Michel Comte never forgets his interest for humanitarian causes & environemental issues. He is the godfather of the international red cross comittee. And he has set up The Michel Comte shared waters foundation”, which goal is to help purify water in under developed countries.
The images of the covers & diviers of this edition of Favoris>Europe where made for the benefit of this foundation.

© Barbaro