Digital editions and covers


© Flavio Bonetti


Favoris>Europe Spring-Summer 2006

Cover by Flavio Bonetti

We have compiled this new edition of Favoris>Europe to offer you a complete vision of the european schedules of sales sessions for the spring/summer 2006 fashion and accessories collections. for the cover and insert images, we gave “carte blanche” to Flavio Bonetti.

Born in 1956 in Brescia, Italy, initiates his artistic researches about urban landscape in the begining of the 80’s. Since 2000 he uses photography to materialize scenes illustrating the contemporary condition of the human kind.
His artificial and ludic still lifes take aim to warn us about the acurate dependence between contemporary society and merchandises.

Fashion is the ritual which leads merchandises to be adored
Walter Benjamin.

Flavio Bonetti questions by immersing us into the strange world of Gulliver.
He brings to light the artificial evolution of the world. Cover and dividers images of this edition of Favoris>Europe are taken from the masterwork he realized for the Il grande carro exhibition shown at the Monica de Cardenas Arte Contemporanea gallery.

© Barbaro