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"In my country, Mohammed”
© Daniel Stier


Favoris>Europe Spring-Summer 2008

Cover by Daniel Stier

For the cover and insert images of this edition we gave carte blanche to Daniel Stier, is a german national who moved to London in 1998.

He regularly contributes to major publications such as Wallpaper, W British Vogue, The New York Times, The Guardian, Colors. In Parallel, Stier continues to develop his own personal projects.

In my country is a series of portraits depicting immigrants living in London.
All of the subjects pose within their own familiar surroundings. Indicative of a unique cultural heritage, the traditional costume is visually confronted against the urban chaos as a bastion of cultural resistance in a globalised world which tends to flatten anything distinctive.

Daniel Stier, has chosen to investigate this phenomenon and the question of immigration on an intimate scale.
This photographic work is a observation of the will of today's immigrants to reconcile a strong attachment to its cultural identity and the desire to integrate its city of adoption.
The exposition In my country was presented at the Festival of Hyeres in May 2007.

© Barbaro