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"Allen R"
by Stephane Barbier Bouvet
© Livraison


Favoris>Europe Spring Summer 2009

Cover by Livraison

We have given swedish publishing Livraison "Carte Blanche", for this edition of FAVORIS EUROPE. A mix between a coffee-table book and a magazine.

Livraison issue 3 - “Secret Identities”

In a time where people’s secrets are revealed and forced upon us wherever we look (even those we don’t wish to know),Livraison n°3 examines what a secret really is. Who carries a secret, and how does it feel to know something nobody else knows?

In Livraison n°3, 69 photographers, including Bela Borsodi, Helmut Lang, Sølve Sundsbø, Richard Burbridge and Viviane Sassen, manifest their visions of secret identities by using masks to conceal the real identity of their objects, create a sort of dualism, erase or enhance the person behind the mask and give birth to a new identity.

Livraison n°3 is a Pandora’s box that a selected few have opened to whisper their secrets info.

© Barbaro