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© Susanna Cucco
Photo: Diego Dolcini

Modem Accessories Fall-Winter 2008-2009

Cover by Susanna Cucco

This season, for the cover, we have given carte blanche to Art Director Susanna Cucco, born in Roma in 1965. A graduate from the St. Martin School of Art in London, she began her design career in London and Milan.

Then from 1994-1999 she opened Creative Consultancy Bianco & Cucco with studios in Milan, São Paolo and New York. Working cross continentally on campaigns, books and exhibitions, she collabrated with photographers such as Steven Klein, Mark Borthwick, Nathaniel Goldberg.

In 1997 she was awarded Best Art Director in Brazil.
In 2003 she collaborated with Macs Lotti and Massimo Torrigiani to form - Sheltergroup - a creative studio, specializing in art direction for the fashion industry.

Since 2003 she has been art directing the project Dieux du stade and today she is also collaborating with L'Officiel Hommes as Art Director and Vogue Hommes International as Creative Director.

Susanna Cucco has also collabrated extensively with the art world, with projects for the Biennale of Art in Venice and São Paolo.

© Barbaro