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Credit: Anton Corbijn

Modem Accessories Fall-Winter 2010-2011

Cover by Anton Corbijn

This season for the cover we have given “carte blanche” to Anton Corbijn, Art Director and Photographer.

Anton Corbjin is widely acknowledged by the music industry, mainly for being the creative director of the visual output of prominent bands as Depeche Mode and U2, and having handled their principal promotion and sleeve photography for more than a decade.

He is well known for directing music videos, including the award-winning video of Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped box". He has since directed approximately 80 music videos.

As a photographer, he has changed his approach to photography a few times over the years but kept it relatively close to his first subject, artists (of many different disciplines) in general and musicians in particular. Some of his most famous photographs feature Clint Eastwood, Cameron Diaz, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra and Naomi Campbell.

Additionally, he has recently signed an advertisement campaign for G-Star with Liv Tyler.

On May 2007, Corbijn directed his first feature film Control about the life of Ian Curtis
(Joy Division). Currently he is working on ‘The American’ his next film with George Clooney.

Interested in pushing the boundaries in regards to himself, and with respect to the media
he works in, Corbjin consequently tried working with film and video with some of the musicians he had photographed and was in 1983 one of the first photographers to work
with these media in combination.

Anton Corbjin’s multifaceted work evolves at the crossroad of art and media.

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