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Cover and Dividers by : MICHAL BATORY
Cover : “Paris, France, 2011”
© Michal Batory

Modem Accessories Spring-Summer 2014

Cover by Michal Batory

Michal Batory is a master of illusion, skillfully juggling everyday objects and combining various motifs to create a new range of “peculiar objects”.

In his artistic vision common day cotton swabs become part of a tuning fork, a baguette serves as an element of a clarinet, a mannequin seems to have real breasts, while the extremities of gloves and shoes take the shape of human fingers.

Presenting these unconventional motifs in a realistic way, and engaging in a dialogue with the viewers, Batory attempts to convince them that a poster, apart from its informational and advertising function, can be the source of an aesthetic or even poetic experience.

His thought-provoking works pluck us out of the often bleak imagery that numbs our ability of active perception.

Batory presents us with questions, rather than answers, reflection instead of weariness, idealism in the place of mundane reality. No matter if it lasts only a brief moment.

Michal Batory, born in ?ód? (Poland) in 1959, is one of the most celebrated contemporary poster artists, and a recipient of many awards in the field of graphic design.

He lives and works in Paris since 1987.