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Cover and Dividers : MOTE SINABEL AOKI
© Mote Sinabel Aoki
© hair and make by katsuya kamo


Modem Accessories Spring-Summer 2015

Cover by Mote Sinabel Aoki

For this edition, which is dedicated to the Fashion Accessories Collection S/S 2015, we gave carte blanche to Mote Sinabel Aoki a Japanese photographer and visual artist.

He grew up between Tokyo and Los Angeles, where he has been exposed to different creative influences and cultural scenes.

After completing studies in architecture and art, he launched his career as a creative director, and established his design studio in 1993. He subsequently started to work on many successful Japanese fashion campaigns, and various art and music projects, and eventually decided to focus on photography, as he considered it to be a powerful medium of expression. His images and videos, both for artistic and commercial purposes, are filled with subtle beauty, and convey sensitive and atmospheric emotions.

Mote Sinabel Aoki has published numerous books and limited edition artworks in which he explores various photography genres and topics, including portraiture, landscapes, artworks, fashion and architecture. His most reputed works include a collaboration with designer Riccardo Tisci for the multi-format publishing company Visionaire, an advertisement campaign for Adidas, and portraits of Los Angeles-based contemporary artists, such as Paul McCarthy and Terence Koh.

As of today, Mote Sinabel Aoki’s works have been exhibited in Paris, Rome, Cannes, Rotterdam, and Tokyo, among other cities.