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Design International 2003

Cover by Pippo Lionni

This is the first edition of MODEM DESIGN INTERNATIONAL,a new annual design guide. We have created this guide to give you the information you need to keep fully abreast of design internationally.

In it you will find a coherent and carefully selected database that presents country by country - and in alphabetical order - designers and manufacturers, exhibitions, organisations and professional bodies, schools, galleries,
specialist design shops, museums, magazines and trade publications,
a list of the main design events in 2002, and also a tour of design addresses in Milan, New York, Paris and Tokyo.

Our aim is to help promote communication within the international community of design, a domain that contributes so much to improving our everyday environment while expanding our powers of aesthetic appreciation.
On the site you will find links with designers’ sites and a complete list of design exhibitions and events all around the world, updated daily.
We are currently working on the next edition of Modem Design International which will appear in January 2003. Your comments and suggestions are very welcome.
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