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Design Milano April 2008

Cover by Kuntzel+Deygas

For the cover of both the Milan and the Paris editions of Modem Design 2008, we gave carte blanche to the graphic designers KUNTZEL+DEYGAS.

From the start of their career together, in 1990, Olivier Kuntzel et Florence Deygas, known as KUNTZEL+DEYGAS, have been breaking the wall between the worlds of animation and that of fashion and Luxury, as well as the frontiers of the real and virtual worlds. Together or separately, they manage not to be labelled with any definition tag, nor to be attached to any school.

They favour unseen projects, unknown territories and methods to be invented. They are like animists”, blowing life into still objects.
Hence, when they exposed the optical illusion proprieties of the Harcourt Baccarat glass and used it as a Praxinoscope for a series of three Caperino & Peperone glasses...

For the luxury world, they are like storyteller who bring back together elegancy, casualness and humour, as they did for Veuve Clicquot, when they brought back to life the Chic and Impish, Madame... In the movie world, they will from now be known as the designer of the mythic opening credit of Steven Spielberg Catch Me If You Can, and as the maker of the pink diamond opening credit of Blake Edwards The Pink Panther...

They believe, time is necessary for creative development and maturation and beyond the question of creation, they walk along with their characters, carrying their organic development in a Semiological approach. Hence, with Caperino & Peperone, the existentialist couple, formed
of 2 black dogs with a typographical elegancy.

Their photo and video creations are praised by the Art world (“La Force De L’Art” Grand Palais 2006, “Ici Paris” Beaubourg & Moma 1990), as well as by the Communication & Graphic World (D&AD award 2004).

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