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Cover: © Camping Design

Design Milano April 2014

Cover by Camping Design

For the cover of Modem Design Connections April 2014 edition we gave “carte blanche” to Camping Design.

Composed by the graphic designer duo David Valy et de Annelise Cochet , graduates from the Ensad, Camping Design was launched in 2006.
With specialization in print design, it conceives mainly editions (books, catalogues, programmes, signage, scenography for exhibitions and visual identities and it accepts deliberately eclectic orders from both institutions as well as private limited partners from different industries :
(Scam - Musée des Arts Décoratifs - Esam Caen - Chevalier édition – Ministry for the Arts and Communications - Le Musée Rodin - Camden Arts Center - Maison Européenne de la photographie - La Galerie Éric Dupont - Le prix Albert Londres - La Scam - Philippe Starck Networks - Clicmobile - Studio Franck Bordas - Les Galeries Lafayette Maison - Galerie des Galeries - Universal Music France, Barclay - Vodka Russian Standard - Chevalier Edition - Beendhi - Ecce Films - Restaurant Monsieur - La Fédération Française de la Chaussure - Agence Beckmann N’thépé - La Lettre de la photographie - marcel by …)

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