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"Hamlet à Paris", 2008.
© Antoine + Manuel

Design Paris January 2009

Cover by Antoine + Manuel

For the cover of both the Milan and the Paris edition of MODEM DESIGN 2009, we gave “carte blanche” to the French graphic designers ANTOINE+MANUEL .

Since 1993, Antoine Audiau and Manuel Warosz , known as ANTOINE + MANUEL , have been a part of the designers labelled in the late nineties under the “French Touch” moniker, originally used for electronic music.
Pioneers in the utilisation of computers, they manipulate typography and illustration adding montage, collage, and photography of constructed models. They build their visual language from diverse graphical techniques: drawings in pencil and pen, splashes and spots of ink or vector drawings.
Their ornamental and decorative style creates a dreamscape, where surrealism and the extraordinary co-inhabit the world of childhood.

Since 2002, they have enchanted the world of Christian Lacroix, who has entrusted them with the visual identity of his label, such as the creation of invitations for his fashion shows.
From 2000 to 2007, they made the exhibition posters and catalogues for the collection Yvon Lambert in Avignon.

Rejecting the boundaries between disciplines, Antoine and Manuel naturally moved from 2D to 3D. And it is with the creation of furniture that they have taken up this challenge. Their narrated furniture in black and white is made of laser cut Plexiglas assembled without glue or screws.
Among their many creations, they have created a modular carpeting system for Tarkett in 2000, showcases for the “Galeries Lafayette Maison” in Paris, three rooms in the Hotel Fox in Copenhagen in 2005, “wall stickers” for Domestic ... Les Arts Décoratifs (Museum of Decorative Arts) in Paris devot a exhibition in April 2009.

Design does not signify giving a form to a product that is more or less stupid, for an industry that is more or less sophisticated. It is a way to conceive life, politics, eroticism, food and even design itself.
Ettore Sottsass

© Cendrine de Susbielle