Digital editions and covers

Design Paris January 2010

Cover by Trafik

For the cover of the Milan edition MODEM DESIGN PARIS 2010, we gave carte blanche to TRAFIK.

The graphic collective TRAFIK, composed by Pierre Rodière, Julien Sappa, Damien Gauthier and Joel Rodière, was born in 1997.

Trafik developed into the domains of identity, editing and multimedia. From the classical institutional control to artistic experimentation, the collective did at no time limit themselves by applying only one medium, but embraced all their know-how and existing competences.

They introduced the notion of interacting with the user and designed two experiences on their website, such as designing different figures with the assistance of a series of polygons and a colour chart where the visitors were invited to create a collective character.

The collective even arranged a site on Le Cube’s web page (assuring also the artistic direction). Trafik becomes a potential creator with the help of its on-line consumers and permits itself to notion ecology, through transformation and recycling.

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