Digital editions and covers


Cover:"Austin City Limits", (from the series: LISTEN), 2009
Chromogenic Print 100 x 100 cm
Courtesy galerie Xippas © Rhona Bitner


Modem Europe Fall-Winter 2010-2011

Cover by Rhona Bitner

The American artist Rhona Bitner’s work aims at seizing the permanent and impressive tension of the performance.
For several years now she travels through cities of America and Europe in search of circuses and theatre stages where she photographs decors, stage curtains, light atmospheres, or artists themselves.

Either acrobats or buffoons shot in a saturated colour background, or the stage when the curtains have fallen, or else the worn off sign of a suburban fair, her clichés are formally constructed but also have instinct.

They capture the tension of the instant, the performance as an echo in intrinsic mysterious time. This forever intangible time, always hanging between before and after, suspension and memory, light and darkness, laughter and silence.

This poem of the ephemeral, this sublime staging of the instant lives finally in every fashion season.

It is in this light but powerful resonance that the edition of Modem Europe Autumn Winter 2010 / 11 dresses up with the visual poetry of Rhona Bitner

© modem