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Cover: © Alain Bublex

Modem Europe Fall-Winter 2011-2012

Cover by Alain Bublex

For this edition cover and section dividers we have given “carte blanche” to Alain Bublex. “Once it ends, a project becomes an object, a product. In most cases, the ideas are enough. There are no requirements to fulfil an idea”. (Alain Bublex) Born in Lyon in 1961, he studied at the l’École des beaux-arts de Macon, then at the l’École supérieure de design industriel in Paris; after completing his education he joined Régie Renault as industrial designer, but this experience does not correspond him much, and in 1992 he enters the world of art. As his first project he created a virtual city: Glooscap, designed from a prototype of a North American city: he drew the plans, views, imagining a town planning, history and geography…

Alain Bublex work is based on the practising of fiction. Thanks to his industrial designer education, Alain has kept an interest in technical quality projects. He lives and works in Lyon, and he is represented in France by Georges-Philippe and Nathalie Vallois gallery. In 2010 Flammarion publishing house has dedicated him a monograph volume.

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