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Cover and Dividers: MIGUEL CHEVALIER
Selection of “Fractal Flowers series”
Virtual seed from Herbarius 2059
Cover Image: “Cleome Spinosa de Buñuel”, 2009.

Modem Europe Spring-Summer 2015

Cover by Miguel Chevalier

Born in 1959 in Mexico City. Resides in Paris, France since 1985.

Since 1978, Miguel Chevalier has focussed exclusively on computers as an artistic means of expression. He quickly secured a spot on the international scene as a pioneer of virtual and digital art. His work is experimental and
multidisciplinary. His sources lie in the history of art and his work explores recurrent themes such as flows and networks or virtual cities. In the 1980s, Miguel Chevalier began tackling the question of the hybrid, interactive and generative image. His images are a rich source of insights into ourselves and our relationship to the world.

Miguel Chevalier examines in a poetic and metaphorical way, the question of the link existing between nature and artifice coexisting and enriching each other today. Relying on a process initiated by the end of the nineties, which is based on the observation of the plant kingdom, and its imaginary transposition within a digital universe, he has created virtual seeds and gardens, like Fractal Flowers series.

Fractal Flowers are gigantic flowers of different sizes, colours and shapes. This work leans on a generative principle, creating autonomous virtual seeds, growing, opening out and fading. It reveals stylized flowers, through an
extreme geometry in its shapes, at the confines of different worlds: mineral, vegetable, animal and robotic. Through atypic shapes, amazing colours, artificial gardens are created. We are in front of an intriguing vegetal universe which have on the one hand a real monumentality with its shapes, and on the other hand an evanescent aspect, when after some seconds,
the flowers evaporate in the air.