Digital editions and covers


Detail from France 5
Biennale de Lyon, 2005
© Spencer Tunick


Modem Men's Firenze Milano Paris Fall-Winter 2006-2007

Cover by Spencer Tunick

This season, for Modem's cover we gave a «carte blanche» to Spencer Tunick, the american artist who reveals the human collectivity in the urban society.

A collectivity of men and women naked, freed from social conditioning and signs of time.
This collectivity that fits in the landscape and gives life to a new and original aesthetic dimension.

His photos question us on contradictions between Man and its vital environment, on our individual role and our collective identity.

Spencer Tunick within his artistics researches had to fight against the Giuliani admistration in NYC.
He was arrested 5 times, taken to court by the city of NY, he won in supreme court on act that should allow the american law to widen the limits of civil freedom and expressions.

The success in the media, he gained during the Biennale de Lyon 2005 during which he realizes some of the images published in this edition of Modem, represents the natural continuity of his artistic path accomplished during the last 5 years.

Today the works of Spencer Tunick are part of many private or institutional collections in America and Europe amongst which ...Saatchi Gallery in London ...National Museum of Contemporany Art of Athenes.

© Barbaro