Digital editions and covers


"Frustum”, 2006
Extrait de la simulation vidéo / production Stills
© Gary Hill

Modem Men's Firenze Milano Paris Fall-Winter 2007-2008

Cover by Gary Hill

This season, for the Modem cover we gave a carte blanche to the 1951 American born artist Gary Hill.

Since the 70s he experiments with video techniques, explores the phenomenon of images creation process and their perception.
He is the artist of moving images, sound, language and poetry and he renews completely from one piece to another the visual elements he uses.

He considers video as a mirror of consciousness, he pushes the spectator to meet the image and challenges him physically.
For his current exhibition at the Fondation Cartier in Paris he created 2 new pieces with huge dimensions for which he multiplies tools and levels of signification.

He puts in perspective the notion of value - value of art and money - its signification and ambiguity in pieces that question us and our symbolic vision of the world.
Internationaly renowed for his video installations, presented in numerous exhibitions: Pompidou Centre (93), Guggenheim Soho (95), Whitney Museum NY (98), Montreal Contemporary Art Museum (98), Aarhus Kunstmuseum (99).

Gary Hill was awarded with the Lion d’Or at the Biennale de Venise in 95.

© Ezio Barbaro