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Cover : “Fuckface (Kendell Geers) 2007”
Photo: Lydie Nesvadba
© Kendell Geers


Modem Men's Firenze Milano Paris Fall-Winter 2010-2011

Cover by Kendell Geers

“...I am living in a time of contradiction where Contradiction, Truth, Desire, Passion and Anarchist are nothing more than the names of perfumes. I live in an age of digital reproduction where truth no longer exists in an image, where every image can be altered and changed and anybody can be erased from or inserted into history.”
Kendell Geers

A project by Geers is an attack. It is instinctual, direct and matches the brutality encountered in contemporary society. He proposes to the viewer an interrogation and asks for a definition of positions, thus creating a decisive discomfort.

The real question that Kendell Geers asks to the visitor is “what do you believe in?”.

During the Apartheid in South Africa, Jacobus Hermanus Pieter Geers, a young boy of the age of sixteen born in Johannesburg, masks his identity as an African with Dutch origins by changing his name to Kendell Geers.

In 1993 the artist Kendell Geers, creating the work «Title Withheld», adopts a new date of birth “May 1968” to claim the importance of miscellaneous historical events: the student revolt, the death of Marcel Duchamp and the assassination of Martin Luther King.

After expressing, in the beginning of his career as an artist, an unrelenting critic to the Apartheid system, Kendell Geers soon explores the limits of the geographic, linguistic, political, social, sexual and psychological borders of the human being.

The artist acclaims, in fact, the importance of taking a stand in the world we are living in.
His committed art, personally involves the artist himself and drags the audience into the work of art, making them part of his creations.

© modem