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COVER AND DIVIDERS : Excursion guided by ELYX


Modem Men's Firenze Milano Paris Fall-Winter 2016-2017

Cover by Yacine Ait Kaci

This Modem Men Edition is dedicated to Paris. The Paris Fashion week of January 2016 is the first professional and international event that takes place just after the day 13th of November 2015, during which its population has suffered the deadliest attack committed in France since the Second World War.

The killers of the 13th of November and those who attacked the Charlie Hebdo rédaction and the Hyper Cacher in January 2015 personify a doctrine who would like, by terror, impose the fear as a reference law to all humanity.

Today not to give into fear means RESIST to barbarism and to his militias of nothingness. Keep on living in respect of freedom and social conviviality is the only way to neutralize the mission of these murderers. We owe that to the victims, and their families, but also to our children, our families, and to future générations.

The people of Paris has been able to face and to pass the fear. In schools, companies, all the areas of the civil society, life and activities had start again like ever, with even more dynamism. In the parisian fashion world the meetings of the FW were prepared with an increase excitment.

The pictures of Paris of the cover and the 11 dividers of this edition have been realized by the artist Yacine Ait Kaci, the father of Elyx, the little character present on each photo. With a mocking look, face to face with the statue of the Général de Gaulle to the parade of 26th of August 1944 down the Champs Elysees, Elyx remind us that it was the most important parade of Paris history. That of Liberation, which allowed to build on the values embodied by the Resistance, the human dimension which represents our Society today and that we call Democracy.

Paris will welcome you with open arms and with open arms you will come to Paris.

Yacine Ait Kaci is an author, a director and an artist transmedia, born in Paris in 1973. Co founder and partner of Electronic Shadow (2000). Creator of Elyx (2011) who became the first virtual ambassador of the United Nations in 2015