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"Deux-mains signes", 2002
© Annette Messager

Modem Men's Frienze Milano Paris Spring-Summer 2005

Cover by Annette Messager

This season we gave “carte blanche” to Annette Messager, half angel - half devil of contemporary Art.
Her installations deal with humain condition in a society always evolving.

The objects, the human & animal shapes she creates symbolize
the struggle against the end of the world and its transformation
in a theatrical reality.
Her intervention on fabrics, stuffed animals, the photos she uses imply writing & sewing technics. The vocabulary she invents with these compositions becomes a universal message.

Annette Messager, will reprensent France in Venice in 2005. She is a reknowned and internationaly acclaimed artist by the public and international museums. The Museum of Modern Art of Paris has opened its doors to her new personal exhibition until Oct. 3 at the Couvent des Cordeliers 15 rue de l’Ecole de Médecine Paris 6.

© Ezio Barbaro