Digital editions and covers


Photo © Al Seib
Costume François Barbeau

Modem Men's Firenze Milano Paris Spring-Summer 2006

Cover by Le Cirque Du Soleil

This season, for Modem's cover we decided to give free hand to the Cirque du Soleil, the canadian company of jugglers and acrobats which has already been ovationned by more than 50 millions persons over the world.

At the beginning of this extraordinary adventure was a young artist born in Montreal: Guy Laliberté. In 1984, with a small group of artists they created a new style of theater in which choregraphy, scenography and unexpected events offer a new form of poetic narration. Their dream was to imagine a new and better urban way of living for a better future.

Today, the Cirque du Soleil employs 3000 persons including 720 artists from forty different countries. In 2005, eleven shows took place simultaneously in different places over the world.
By establishing its studio in Montreal next to the second biggest site of wastes in Northern America, the Cirque du Soleil became
an influent actor in the policy of revival of urban, social and cultural life in the poor suburbs.

Their action is situated between art and social: they sponsor contemporary art galleries and social programs for youth in difficult situations.

© Ezio Barbaro