Digital editions and covers

Modem Women's Milano+Paris Spring Summer 2021

This Milano Fashion Week will be digital, live and innovative.

The programme and the initiatives planned during this Fashion Week show that Cnmi - Camera Nazionale Moda italiana - intends to innovate the usual dynamics that characterized the previous fashion weeks.

An attempt to make the MFW more democratic, open to all, buyers, journalists and consumers. A more explicit attention also to emerging creative realities with the intention of promoting several new brands that represent the continuity and evolution of fashion culture.

After the original experience of London Fashion Week in June based on this dimension, the new formula of Milan Fashion Week represents a new positive example that takes into account the importance of spreading to the public the creativity and culture that produce the fashion world.

It corresponds to the need that the professional sector expresses to renew the fashion system by adapting it to the characteristics, behaviours and new values and reference criteria that connect the interests of the public to those of the professional fashion sector itself.

The new dynamic that is revealed in the project of this Milanese Fashion Week responds to the need to evolve the function of fashion weeks evoked in the press releases signed a few months ago, by a large number of representatives and managers of the professional fashion sector.