Digital editions and covers


“Champignons", 2002
Courtesy Kaikai Kiki
Reproduced with permission.
© 2002 Takashi Murakami

Modem Women's Milano Spring-Summer 2003

Cover by Murakami

For this edition, devoted to the S/S 2003 Women’s Collections in Paris, we offered a “carte blanche” to Takashi Murakami, founder of the collective “Kaikai Kiki Corporation”. Child of pop’art, since the beginning of the 90’s he has been working on heroes borrowed to the cartoon world and traditional Japanese illustration. He redifines contemporary art through its relationship with the market & consumers. The research of Takashi Murakami is based on popular & children’s culture and is above all a criticism of contemporary Japanese society and its new visual standards. The exhibitions “Kawaïi! Vacances d’été” and “Coloriage” presented at the Fondation Cartier in Paris until Oct. 27, and from Nov. 2002 at the London Serpentine Gallery invite around 15 artists looking at Japan with a fresh and critical eye.

This cover of Modem S/S 2003 women’s collections represents atomic & psychedelic mushrooms with their big emerald eyes, repeated infinitely in different shapes. From these mushrooms came a motif, result of a collaboration between {{Takashi Murakami and the Issey Miyake house which was part of the Men’s s/s 2000 collection.
The intervention of Takashi Murakami on our cover, as for all the other artists in the previous issues, underlines the close link between the different creation fields and highlights the search of new aesthetic dimensions in the world of Fashion. This October 2002 is our 5 year anniversary, as very special thank you to our customers, our partners and our team, and we wish you all a very good season.