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1 - François Berthoud : 1st Modem edition Cover > October 1997
2 - Anna Piaggi > O2/2000
3 - Maurizio Catellan > 09/2014
4 - David Bowie > O9/2013
5 - Venice Art biennale > 06/2015
6 - Tim Burton > 09/2012
7 - Ai Weiwei > 02/2012
8 - Murakami > 09/2002
9 - Youssef Nabil > 02/2016
10 - Christopher Payne > 02/2013
11 - Ryan McGinley > 02/2015


Modem Women's Milano Spring-Summer 2018

Cover by Modem 20th Anniversary

Dear All

At the occasion of this edition dedicated to summer women’s summer 2018 collections, recour the twentieth anniversary of the Modem editions

PARIS, Fashion Week September 1997 - The 1st edition of Modem was published
PARIS, Fashion Week September 2017 - 20th anniversary of Modem editions (258th edition)

Modem was the first and still is today the only working structure that coordinates and communicates all the sales campaigns of the international context, and that presents to the journalist the calendars of fashion shows, presentations and press contacts during the fashion weeks that take place into the capital cities of fashion.

This edition was conceived to allow emerging creators to promote their sales campaigns and let buyers know where to find them, but also to provide professionals with the contacts and information they needed and to highlight the affinity between the world of fashion and the worlds of design and the contemporary art.

For this reason, since our first edition, the images of the covers and intercoms of Modem have been dedicated to the 141 artists, personalities or institutions of the world of art, fashion and design, to whom we have given ‘carte blanche’.

During the Fashion Week in Paris, for its twentieth anniversary, Modem organizes a special event that will host a retrospective exhibition dedicated to the cover authors… and also to unveil new projects and web platforms that we are going to activate in 2018.

September 26 - October 4 2017 - Every day from 11am to 8pm
111 rue Saint Antoine - 75004 Paris (Metro St Paul)