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“Carte blanche” to : YACINE AIT KACI
COVER : ‘‘ELYX - Falls in Love Big’’
COVER AND DIVIDERS : Excursion in New York guided by ELYX
a creation of © YACINE AIT KACI


Modem Men's & Women's New-York Los Angeles Fall-Winter 2016-2017

Cover by Yacine Ait Kaci

.For this edition of New York / LA, dedicated to the Women Fall/Winter 2016-17 season, Modem is giving “carte blanche” to Yacine AIT KACI, the creator of ELYX. A French author, film-maker and artist, born in Paris in 1973.

After studying at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, he is one of the pioneers of digital creation. He began his career in multi-media creation and audio-visual production. He realized interactive media such as DVD-Rom Louvre, scientific animations for television and digital art with the creation in 2000 of Electronic Shadow with the artist and Belgian architect Naziha Mestaoui, and it focuses on the relationship between different practices (art, architecture, design shows, live.).

Together they developed a new field, inventing in 2003 the interactive 3D video mapping, and exploring the contemporary links between material world and immaterial, creating a new hybrid reality. Connecting sciences, art and philosophy, Electronic Shadow conceives a personal poetic language, using the last technologies to design emotions and experiences for the audience.
Their work were rewarded by many prices such as Japan Media Art Festival Price in 2004 for «3 minutes /2 », and their installations are shown all over the world (MOMA in New York, the Grand Palais, Palais de Tokyo or Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, Museum of Contemporary Photography in Tokyo, Biacs – Biennale of Contemporary art of Sevilla, SESI in Sao Paulo, MOCA in Shanghai..). For some specific projects, they collaborate with architects such as Jakob+MacFarlane for the Frac Center
Orléans in 2012 or with the choreographer Carolyn Carlson for « Double Vision » (2006).

In 2011 he created the ELYX character, which he projected into the post-digital age via the Instagram and Facebook social networks.Elyx is a transmedia hero, travelling between the simple sketch to reality, passing by digital world and new dimensions with humor and poetry. In early 2014 the adventures of ELYX become daily. Little by little ELYX started to leave the social network framework. Invited into traditional media, he gently penetrated the real world: in 2015 he became the first virtual ambassador of the United Nations; in 2016 he interpreted the role of a virtual dancer in a Carolyn Carlson show; in 2016 he was chosen by the Town of Paris for its greetings campaign.

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