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”Solar Seed”, 1999
© Ross Lovegrove

Modem Men's & Women's New York Los Angeles Spring-Summer 2003

Cover by Ross Lovegrove

For the spring summer 2003 men’s & women’s collections, we gave “carte blanche” to Ross Lovegrove, one of the most prestigious British designers of furniture and objects. Thru his style he has always searched innovative fabrics and created sensual and ergonomic shapes. His work is a link between tradition and modernity.

As boundaries blur, this world world will be become stranger and less predictable - a fabulous prospect for those of us who believe that strangeness is a consequence of innovative thingking -. The irony of all this is that ultimately, creativity generated by such soup-like freedom will lead mankind full circle back to nature, its organic composition, its purpose and with it forms that will no longer be limited by man’s imagination.

The intervention of Ross Lovegrove on our cover underlines the close links between different creative fields. This intervention also highlights the search for new esthetics in fashion.

© Ezio Barbaro