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COVER AND DIVIDERS : Pictures of ‘‘SPIRITUAL GUARDS’’ the Jan Fabre exhibition in Florence (Forte di Belvedere, Palazzo Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria)
COVER : THE MAN MEASURING THE CLOUDS (American version, 18 years older) (1998 - 2016)
Silicon bronze
Photo by Attilio Maranzano © Angelos Bvba


Modem NY&LA Spring Summer 2017

Cover by Jan Fabre

For this edition, which is dedicated to the Women’s Spring-Summer 2017, Modem is giving “carte blanche” to JAN FABRE for the exhibition ‘SPIRITUAL GUARDS’ in Firenze.

Jan Fabre (1958, Antwerp) has been one of the most innovative and important figures on the international contemporary art scene. As a visual artist, theatre maker and author he has created a highly personal world with its own rules and laws, as well as its own characters, symbols, and recurring motifs.

Jan Fabre’s language involves a variety of materials and is situated in a world of his own, populated by physical, erotic and spiritual bodies in a balance between the opposites that define natural existence. Metamorphosis is a key concept in any approach to Jan Fabre’s body of thought, in which human and animal life are in constant interaction.

Whether drawings, sculptures, objects, installations, films, performances, or thinking models, all of Jan Fabre’s works relate to faith in the body, its fragility and defense, to observing human beings, and to questioning how they will survive in the future.

The exhibition, titled ‘JAN FABRE. SPIRITUAL GUARDS’, promoted by MUS.E and the CITY OF FLORENCE, is held between the Forte Belvedere, Palazzo Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria. In fact, it is one of the most complex exhibitions and multifaceted that this Flemish artist and author has ever produced in any public space in Italy.

For the first time a living artist exhibits his art in three venues of outstanding historical and artistic importance at once. Roughly one hundred of Fabre’s works dating 1978-2016 are on display, including bronze and wax sculptures, performance films and made of wing cases of the jewel scarab.

JAN FABRE has officially been invited to Saint Petersburg to create a large-scale exhibition at the State Hermitage Museum in 2016, which is a first for a contemporary artist.

JAN FABRE. SPIRITUAL GUARDS until 2 October 2016
Piazza della Signoria, Forte Belvedere and Palazzo Vecchio, Firenze
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