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“Study Art Sign”, (Series) 2007 - Mixed Materials.
Picture of ‘‘VIVA ARTE VIVA” Exhibition.

DIVIDERS : A pictures selection of 10 National Pavilions and 1 of “Viva Arte Viva” exhibition.
The 57th Art Venice Biennal is open until November 29th, 2017


Modem NY&LA Spring Summer 2018

Cover by La Biennale di Venezia 2017

For this MODEM NY/LA edition, we gave “carte blanche” to La Biennale di Venezia 2017, by picturing a selection of 10 National Pavilions exhibited at the 57th International Art Exhibition in Venice open until November 26th, 2017.

The 57th International Art Exhibition, titled VIVA ARTE VIVA and curated by Christine Macel, is organized by La Biennale di Venezia chaired by Paolo Baratta.

VIVA ARTE VIVA unfolds over the course of nine chapters or families of artists, beginning with two introductory realms in the Central Pavilion, followed by another seven across the Arsenale through the Giardino delle Vergini.
120 are the invited artists from 51 countries; 103 of these are participating for the first time. Each of the nine chapters or families of artists of the Exhibition “represents a Pavilion in itself, or rather a Trans-Pavilion as it is trans-national by nature but echoesthe Biennale’s historical organisation into pavilions, the number of which has never ceased to grow since the end of the 1990s.”

From the “Pavilion of Artists and Books” to the “Pavilion of Time and Infinity”, these nine episodes tell a story
that is often discursive and at times paradoxical, with detours that mirror the world’s complexities, a multiplicity of approaches and a wide variety of practices. The Exhibition is intended as an experience, an extrovert movement from the self to the other, towards a common space beyond the defined dimensions, and onwards to the idea of a potential neo-humanism.”

The Exhibition also includes 86 National Participations in the historic Pavilions at the Giardini, at the Arsenale and in the historic city centre of Venice. 3 countries are participating for the first time: Antigua and Barbuda, Kiribati, Nigeria.

The 10 National Pavilions highlighted in this edition are The Austrian Pavilion curated by Christa Steinle, The Argentinian Pavilion curated by Andrés Duprat, The United States Pavilion curated by Christopher Bedford and Katy Siege, The Japanese Pavilion curated by Meruro Washida, The French Pavilion curated by Lionel Bovier and Christian Marcla, The Russian curated by Semyon Mikhailovsky, The Korean Pavilion curated by Lee DaeHyung, The British Pavilion curated by Harriet Cooper and Delphine Allier, The Italian Pavilion curated by Cecilia Alemani, and The Finnish Pavilion curated by Xander Karskens.

Official website of Biennale Arte 2017:
Official hashtag: #BiennaleArte2017