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Cover and Dividers: GRÉGOIRE ALEXANDRE
Cover: “Installation, 2007"
© Grégoire Alexandre


Modem Women's Paris Spring-Summer 2013

Cover by Grégoire Alexandre

To this Modem edition, we gave “carte blanche” to Grégoire Alexandre, born in Rouen (France) in 1972, a photographer known for his signature surrealistic and poetic characteristic images.

After graduating from Arles Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie (ENSEP), he caught the public’s eye in 2003 at the International Fashion and Photography Festival at Villa Noailles in Hyères. In the following years he starts collaborated with magazines like Wallpaper, Vanity Fair, Esquire UK, GQ, Beaux Arts... in the music business with Etienne Daho, Metronomy, Yelle, Yann Tiersen... and shot ad campaigns for Westin, Sony, Printemps, Orange, Louis Vuitton, Citroën, EBay, Absolut...

In 2008, Christian Lacroix, the commissioner of Arles Photography Festival, invited him to show his first personal exhibition, “Was it a car or a cat I saw?”

In 2009 he was awarded with the sought-after HSBC prize, which provided the opportunity to exhibit in Paris, Lille, Metz, Mairselles. At the same time Actes Sud editions published his monography.

After staging his “Work in progress” exhibition in Finland in 2010, Grégoire Alexandre lived at Hyeres’s Villa Noailles as an invited photographer.

During the one-year residence in the Villa he conceived “Histoires parallèles” and the exhibition opened to the public in 2011.
It was inspired by Marie-Laure and Charles de Noailles original spirit of artistic expression and collaboration in that environment in the first half of the twentieth century, that established Hyeres’s Villa Noailles as a reference for the History of Art. The Noailles/archibooks editions have published an invaluable account of this exhibition.

His show at Arles Photography Festival in 2012, «Uchronies», inspired us to dedicate the cover and dividers of this Modem edition to him.