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Cover and Dividers: ARCANGELO
Cover:“DAIMON” 2000
Tecnica mista su tela (110x100 cm)
Courtesy of the artist


Modem Women's Paris Spring-Summer 2017

Cover by Arcangelo

For this edition dedicated to Women’s Spring/Summer 2017 collections, Modem is giving “carte blanche” to Arcangelo, italian artist born in Avellino in 1956. He studied at the Benevento Liceo Artistico and from 1976 to 1980 at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome from which he received a diploma. In 1981 he moved to Milan. In the early eighties he started on the cycle “Terra mia” (My Earth).

His artistic career debut in 1984 in Basel, participating the exhibition ‘’ Perspective “which allows him, later, to inaugurate his first solo exhibitions in two prestigious galleries : Tanit and Buchmann.

For Arcangelo the art of painting, as much as history, is a load of memories and authentic traces. is based on a continuous search of ways of expression and ability of seeing the evil side and psychic sacredness of different cultural myths, from the Mediterranean to the inner Africa, from the ancient Persia to Lebanon of today (Beirut). Across this network of itineraries, between real journeys and fictional pilgrimages, Arcangelo painting always goes back to the place of origin. As a consequence the Sanniti warriors overlap the figures of penitent dressed in white hooded, the mounts blend with the phallic tribal totem and Christian crosses are next to the antelopes form Saharan graffiti.

Arcangelo wants to recreate the sense of painting and bring up its value to the human being. It is a value rather closer to the chance of rebuilding the world and rethinking it from historical, cultural and spiritual basis found in individuals and collective memory.

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