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“Indigenous Woman, 2018”
Cover & Dividers : Pictures Exhibition selection
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Modem Women's Paris Spring-Summer 2020

Cover by La Biennale di Venezia

This Venice Biennial art exhibition edition it’s named after phrase that has been invoked in speeches by Western politicians for over a hundred years as an ‘ancient Chinese curse’, even though such a curse never actually existed.

Curator Ralph Rugoff describes this ‘counterfeit curse’ as an ‘uncertain artefact... at once suspect and rich in meaning’, noting that it suggests ‘potential lines of exploration that are worth pursuing at present, especially when the “interesting times” it evokes seem to be with us once again.’

Ralph Rugoff has declared: “This exhibition include artworks that reflect upon precarious aspects of existence today, including different threats to key traditions, institutions and relationships of the “post-war order.”

... ‘But let us acknowledge at the outset that art does not exercise its forces in the domain of politics. Art cannot stem the rise of nationalist movements and authoritarian governments in different parts of the world, for instance, nor can it alleviate the tragic fate of displaced peoples across the globe (whose numbers now represent almost one percent of the world’s entire population).’

«But in an indirect fashion, perhaps art can be a kind of guide for how to live and think in ‘interesting times...»

NB : 79 invited artists from more than 50 countries.

On cover : A work of Martine Gutierrez. (b. 1989). The Brooklyn-based performance artist draws from eclectic media, acting as subject, artist, and muse, documenting her personal metamorphosis into various imagined roles. Through the transformation of physical space and composed self, Gutierrez investigates identity—both personal and collective.
“Society perpetuates rigid constructs—fabricated dichotomies like ‘male’ vs. ‘female’, ‘gay’ vs. ‘straight’, ‘minority’ vs. ‘white’, ‘reality’ vs. ‘fantasy’, ‘dominate’ vs. ‘submissive’, etc.,” Gutierrez says. “But our interpretation of these constructs is subjective and not immutable. Reality, like gender, is ambiguous because it exists fluidly.” “I think of each work as a documentation of a transformative performance. I am interested in every facet of what it means to be ‘genuine’,
A published musician and producer. Her music has featured by several fashion houses, including Saint Laurent Paris, Christian Dior and Acne Studios.

Venice, Giardini and Arsenale, until 24 November 2019
Closed on Mondays (except on 2 September, 18 November)

Opening times: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. (last admission 5.45 p.m.)
Opening times of the Arsenale venue only: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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