Head Office
via Mecenate, 86
20138 Milan, Italy
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Alcantara S.p.A. has chosen and has been following the way to innovation in both styling and technology, with the intent to offer customized solutions able to meet the most demanding and selective market targets. The company draws on creativity and technology to suggest “tailor-made” solutions and original applications making everyday an extraordinary experience.

In this process, the Alcantara® R&D role is fundamental. Unique in Europe, the department deals with the identification of new products, searching for new processes to use for future market opportunities.

Moreover, the Alcantara® Applications Development Center (C.S.A.) can develop colours and product typologies upon request, following the most complex briefs. Alcantara® is a unique covering material rich of values and can speak several languages.

It is a contemporary material with unlimited expressive potentials. Offering “tailor-made” solutions has allowed the company to strengthen its link with the most demanding international companies operating in several sectors and has brought to surprisingly positive results.

Andrea Boragno
President & C.E.O

Giulio Cappellini
Art Directeur

Emanuela Nocentini
Press Office Italy
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2eme Bureau
Press Office France
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Barbara Hickl
Press Office Germany
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