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Flos, or flower in Latin, was established in 1962 as the first "modern" company in the lighting sector. While the culture of quality furnishings was beginning to gain momentum in this period, it was not yet reflected in a lighting culture consistent with the needs of modern interior decoration projects.

In its new offices and workshop in Merano, the company experimented with shapes, materials, designs and functions that were to revolutionise the concept of lighting. Flos produced groundbreaking lights like Arco by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, as well as introducing the "cocoon" for the first time into the lighting sector, a technique and material used until then to pack goods for transport by ship to America.

In 1964 Flos moved to the Brescia area and Sergio Gandini joined the company, first as member of the board and later as managing director. A unique experience was in store for him, working alongside the most creative talents produced by the rationalist design culture of the period. In fact, the 1970s were an exciting period of intense creative and entrepreneurial activity: from the opening of the company's first subsidiary in Germany, to the acquisition of prestige design lighting brand Arteluce and the Compasso d'Oro awarded in 1979 for "Parentesi" by Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzù.

In 2007 Flos created "Professional Space" in Milan, confirming its traditional vocation for design. "Professional Space" is a workshop created for architects and interior designers to experiment with the performance of Flos lighting units and the effect they create in a live, real-world environment, helping them make fully aware decisions that reflect their creative and design needs.

Today Flos is both an industrial concern at the cutting edge of research into innovative technology, and a constantly evolving point of cultural reference for design schools throughout the world. Much of this success is a product of the company's relentless scouting for the world's top creative talents

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