collective / spring-summer 20

Natalie Lacroix Showroom

from Wed. June 19
to Friday July 12

Women’s pre-collections

Joyce Gallery
68 rue Jean de la Fontaine
75016 Paris

Women's collections

Leather goods.: Lastelier, Sophie Cano.
Scarves: Amedee, Be Parisian.
Jewelry: 4crosses, Agnes De Verneuil, Amy Gattas, Anne Loustau, Boks&Baum, De La Forge, De Maarse Paris, Eloise Fiorentino, France Thierard, Isabelle Michel, L'indochineur, Leticia Ponti, Ludovica Andrina, Ora Spring, Sharing, Valerie Sanyas.
Swimwear: Do Paris, Ma Petite Plage.
Others: Amanda De Montal (candles), Herve Gambs (perfumes), R Pur (Masques Anti Pollution), Fonfique (Smartgift), Bettina Vermillon (souliers), Olivier Chalmin (Sculpture), Yato Handpainted Porcelain.

Natalie Lacroix
Mobile: +33 (0)6 37 49 53 06

P : +33 (0)6 37 49 53 06