2 Women in their 40s and 50s are getting back to being revolutionaries, punks! They are reconquering their freedom, because they can choose: wallflower or rock star? MAISON COMMON attracts the latter: women with high demands, self-confidence and a good sense of humour. Punk is the big contra-culture we all won’t forget. The scene’s hallmarks, such as rivets, eyelets, tartan, or neon colors represent strength and individuality. It was great fun to work on those symbols … you know about my obsession for elaborate details ! MAISON COMMON’s happy luxury always stands for incongruities, stylistic incongruities! Punk and Aristo – a noteworthy combo! Let’s celebrate our empower­ ment with those precious pieces of MAISON COMMON’s Pretty in Punk winter collection Rieke Common FALL /WINTER 202 0 – 21