MODEM Men Fall winter 2019

06. COLLECTIVE SHOWROOMS 6-1 SHOWROOM CONTACT +33 JON’S ROOM Min Li M (0)7 83 06 75 51 62 rue de Turbigo - 75003 Paris January 14 to 20 Kevin Deas (North America) M’s RTW: God’s Masterful Children, Haculla, Mauna Kea, +1 (718) 886 3163 Mostly Heard Rarely Seen, Private Stock, RH45. Unisex RTW: Mostly Heard Rarely Seen 8-Bit, Daniel Patrick, Domrebel Montréal. M’s Acc.: Android Homme, Mostly Heard Rarely Seen 8-Bit, Daniel Patrick, Domrebel Montréal, Haculla, Mauna Kea, Mostly Heard Rarely Seen. Women’s RTW & Acc: Haculla. JUMBLE PARIS Shinji Kitada +81 (0)3 5768 4175 23 rue du Roi de Sicile - 75004 Paris January 18 to 21 M’s RTW: MEANS WHILE, THE NERDYS, ALOY, WRAPINKNOT, Beautilities, bunt, Tieasy, Nomani, LUXFORT, STEVENSON OVERALL CO, WIND AND SEA. Men’s Acc.: POTEN, ROSTER SOX, CHUP, HW DOG, slow, handson grip, KIXSIX, FINE CREAK LEATHER, VINTAGE WORKS, TOMO&CO. Lifestyle: VITAL MATERIAL, MINGEI. LONDON SHOW ROOMS Catherine Rogers T ranoï Week 22 rue de la Roquette - 75011 Paris January 17 to 22 Designers: BETHANY WILLIAMS, BIANCA SAUNDERS, BLINDNESS, Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY, E.TAUTZ, JORDANLUCA, OLUBIYI THOMAS, OMAR AFRIDI, PER GÖTESSON, PHOEBE ENGLISH. Fashion East: MOWALOLA, ROBYN LYNCH.