MODEM Men + Pre Women Spring Summer 2021

MEN + PRE WOMEN S/S 2021 DIGITAL EDITION To the attention of buyers From the beginning, we acted primarily to encourage the development of business relationships between multi-brand stores, fashion designers and multi-brand showrooms of fashion designers. For this reason, we have highlighted from the first editions and then also on the website, the selection of multi-brand stores that we consider to be the most consistent reference for the fashion Industry. Although we have evolved in our selection criterias by recognizing the aesthetic values present in new contemporary creative trends, we did not want to assimilate in our criterias the commercial success which different brands representative of these new trends have obtained in these last years. Today new reference values are imposed for fashion and new bases must be laid for the future. Sustainable Fashion is the concern and the paramount topic that concerns our professional sphere along with the consumers. Multi-brand stores have been and still are the main reference of fashion towards the public . Their role today is even more relevant. The choices of the collections that they will propose to the public today, will be crucial for the future. Choices that, in order to correspond to the interests of the new generation and to good ethical sense, must make aesthetic criteria coexist with those of the Sustainable Fashion. Ezio Barbaro Modem’s Publisher