ITALY / Milan / Fondazione Sozzani: La Lunga Strada di Sabbia
by Modem
© Modem

until Sunday August 29 2021

Fondazione Sozzani
T : +39 02 65 48 31
Corso Como 10
20124 Milan

La Lunga Strada Di Sabbia (The Long Road of Sand) is an exhibition of the photographer Paolo Di Paolo, curated by Silvia Di Paolo, under the patronage of the Centro Studi Pier Paolo Pasolini and in collaboration with Bulgari.

The exhibition about with photographs by Paolo Di Paolo and texts by Pier Paolo Pasolini features one hundred and one images, many of which are unpublished, as well as videos and relative documents. La lunga strada di sabbia, the extraordinary picture story by Paolo Di Paolo was accompanied by texts by Pier Paolo Pasolini and was published by “Successo” magazine in three issues (4th July, 14th August and 5th September 1959). It told the story of Italians on vacation, from the Tyrrhenian to the Adriatic seas; from Ventimiglia to Ostia; from Calabrian Torvajanica to Sicily; from Apulian Santa Maria di Leuca to Trieste. Pasolini's words reflect both his eye for the beauty and his heart ache for the past when he speaks of “The mountains of Versilia... merry or gloomy? Here is one thing that can never be understood. A little crazy in their shape, and always inked with colors from the end of the world, those pinks, those flashes of marble that leak out as if by chance. But so sweet, mythical”.

© Modem