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July 2021

July 24 2016
art media focus

The Art Newspaper : Reading Prison and its most famous inmate inspire major new project

Patti Smith, Steve McQueen and Marlene Dumas, among others, respond to Oscar Wilde and the jail's architecture and history

July 18 2016
fashion media focus

Business of Fashion: Nick Knight, Techno-Shaman

Tim Blanks sits down with Nick Knight to talk creativity in a connected world.

June 03 2016
design media focus

Wallpaper: ‘Striptease’: Ionna Vautrin’s saucy sketches go on display in Paris

A focus on the new exhibition by Ionna Vautrin at Espace Modem, a series of 100 sketches about the theme of eroticism and humour.

May 13 2016

The Art Newspaper: US museums spent $5bn to expand

Is more than the total expenditure of 85 museums in 37 countries reviewed...

April 26 2016
fashion media focus

VOGUE.COM : The Man ... at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Andrew Bolton. The man who’s breaking records and boundaries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute.

April 19 2016
fashion media focus

Business of Fashion: Why Fashion’s ‘Pink Tax’ Means Women Pay More

Comparing the price of similar items, in most of cases, the women’s items was more expensive than the men’s version.

April 03 2016
fashion media focus

Business of Fashion: 3 Technologies for the Future of Fashion

Business of Fashion’s Kate Abnett shows three important technological innovations which could shape the future of fashion.

February 20 2016
fashion media focus

Dazed Digital revisits one historical 1996 head-to-head between...

David Bowie interviews Alexander McQueen, taken from issue 26 of Dazed & Confused, 1996

December 15 2015
design media focus

Dezeen: "Academics Need to break out of their loop"

According to Dezeen 's Reinier de Graaf, the Architecture Academia in the United States is dominated by conservative.

November 27 2015
design media focus

Metropolis: "Designing Energy Reform"

The Underdome Guide interrogates architecture's role in the business, politics, and ideology of energy management.

November 20 2015

The Art Newspaper: “Quantity Now Wins Over Quality”

(Matthew Collings} of The Art Newspaper reflects on the overproduction of contemporary art.

November 13 2015
fashion media focus

Business of Fashion : Raf Simons Speaks to Cathy Horyn

BoF published an exclusive excerpt of that conversation, revealing Simons’s thoughts on the Speed of Fashion...

November 06 2015
fashion media focus

Refinery29: "This Is What Non-Binery Fashion Looks Like"

Landon Peoples gives a voice to Alok Vaid-Menon, a non-binary transfemme performance artist from New York City.

October 30 2015
fashion media focus

Fashionista: "A Tech History Of Fashion Week"

Rachel Arthur analyzes the evolution of the ever-growing fashion & tech relationship.

September 15 2015
fashion media focus

Business of Fashion: “Is Fashion Education Selling a False Dream ?“

Imran Amed and Robin Mellery-Pratt meditate on the booming demand for fashion education and the sector’s current challenges.

June 16 2015
fashion media focus "Where does your outfit fall on this equation of style?"

Alina Simone writes about how that certain je ne sais quoi, which makes an outfit fashionable, can be decrypted by science.

June 10 2015

Frieze : "Painting after Technology"

‘What effect has digital technology had on contemporary painting ?’ a video published by Frieze on its website.

May 22 2015
fashion media focus

i-D: "The Effect of Fashion Images on Mental Health"

Ger Tierney reflects upon the controversial co-relation between the fashion industry and today’s beauty standards.

May 20 2015
fashion media focus

Business of Fashion: "Putting Africa on the Fashion Map"

Robb Young addresses the potential of Africa, both as a source of production and as a consumer market.

May 15 2015

Artsy: "Adrian Piper and Armenia Take Golden Lions, But Does the Prize Matter?"

Tess Thackara analyzes what art prizes mean for today's awarded artists.

May 08 2015
design media focus

Metropolis: "How Economic Bust Has Redefined the Value of High Design"

Can the crisis have a positive effect on luxury design? Modem takes a look at Piero Lissoni's analysis for Metropolis Magazine.

May 01 2015
fashion media focus

New York Magazine: "Introducing Health Goth, a New Lifestyle Trend"

Allison P. Davis speaks about the latest controversial fashion trend.

May 01 2015
fashion media focus

Business of Fashion: “Can Neuroscience Unlock the Luxury Mind?”

Kate Abnett analyses the power of neurosciences applied to luxury consumption.

May 01 2015
fashion media focus

Dezeen: "It's the end of fashion as we know it" says Li Edelkoort

Trend forecaster Li Edelkoort used her annual presentation at the 2015 edition of Design Indaba to fire a broadside at the industry.

May 01 2015

Dazed Digital: "Artist Launches Fundraiser to Live 24/7 in Virtual Reality"

Mark Farid questions the meaning of virtual realities in a 28-day long art experiment.

May 01 2015
fashion media focus

Hint Fashion Magazine: "Musing on Muses"

Hung Tran discusses muses, and their relationship to fashion designers, artists and society.

May 01 2015
fashion media focus

Elite Daily: ‘’Why Successful People Wear The Same Thing Every Day’’

John Haltiwanger speaks about the meaning of clothing on politicians and influential industry players.

April 01 2015

The Art Newspaper : “Artists Call the Shots” 

MODEM chose to highlight this article in order to discuss the role of the artist as a curator.

April 01 2015
fashion media focus

Business of Fashion: "The Year Fashion Woke Up"

To sum up 2014, Business of Fashion discusses various industry trends.

April 01 2015
fashion media focus

i-D: "What's It Like to Work in The Fashion Industry?"

i-D presents "Fashion At Work", a video produced in collaboration with BoF.

March 01 2015

i-D: "Maxxi Gallery and the Future of Contemporary Art in Rome"

What is the purpose of an art gallery in 2014? Hou Hanru, MAXXI’s Artistic Director, answers this question.

March 01 2015

Sleek: "Curation as Conversation: One Step Ahead Moving Backwards at LEAP"

In her article for Sleek magazine, Josie Thaddeus-Jones speaks of the One Step Ahead, Moving Backwards exhibition at LEAP, Berlin, and analyzes how social life and the Internet accelerate and influence art production.

February 25 2015
fashion media focus

Business of Fashion: “Top 10 Risks for the Luxury Industry“

Luca Solca discusses the challenges that the luxury industry currently has to face.