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Head Office
Zona Industriale
06055 Marsciano, Italy
P : +39 (0)75 87 40 21
F : +39 (0)75 87 40 21

Founded in 1951 to produce military transmissions, hence the name Emu (Elettro Meccanica Umbra), the company was one of the first in the world to patent an exclusive metal plasticisation process with exceptional resistance to atmospheric agents.

On the strength of this modern technology Emu found its true vocation in the 60s: outdoor furnishings. This sector gave the Company the opportunity to best express its acquired technology, know how and local skill in working metals.Emu’s strategy went hand in hand with a new way of perceiving gardens that became an extra room for the house.The passion for research and development of technologies and fresh designs led to Emu’s continuation of its garden project and to firmly establish itself.

Its first success came in 1966 with Rio, “Italy’s favourite seating”, that sold 8,000,000 pieces since then. The 80s were the years of consolidation of the company identity and development of its international essence, when an increasing part of the turn over came from overseas markets. The change of management in the 90s saw Mr R. Biscarini give a completely new style to the company. The Emu brand name had by now become an international point of reference of Italian style and quality.
In September 2005 the new management is reinforcing the brand name in the accessible luxury goods market with a development strategy focusing on design and qualified distribution. The preferred channel for increasing product visibility and centrality provides for the opening of Flag Stores in the main European capitals, franchises and authorized dealers.The company’s development policy also proposes to promote the brand by making use – starting already in 2007 – of the creative contribution of world-famous designers such as Jean-Marie Massaud, Christophe Pillet and Rodolfo Dordoni, the first to put their names to the new Advanced collections.