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Jil Sander will be Guest Designer of Pitti Immagine Uomo 97

October 11 2019 | fashion News

Jil Sander will be the Guest Designer of Pitti Immagine Uomo no. 97 (Florence, 7-10 January 2019).

Jil Sander will be the Guest Designer of Pitti Immagine Uomo no. 97 (Florence, 7-10 January 2019).
Lucie and Luke Meier – co-creative directors of Jil Sander since spring 2017 – will present the new menswear collection at a special event in Florence.

“We have been following with great interest the work of Lucie and Luke Meier at Jil Sander”, says Lapo Cianchi, Pitti Immagine director of communications and events. “A very precise vision of fashion, where there is clearly a constant search for equilibrium between the respect for minimalist codes - which made the history of the brand - and the desire to incite emotion, combined with great attention to details. When they talk about their collections, it is as if they were describing a character, a complex and multifaceted individual. The desire to create clothes that last over time, is an approach that we find to be absolutely fresh and contemporary, to which the special event in Florence should be able to give a further contribution in terms of freedom of expression”.

“For us, showing in Florence is both an honor and a completion”, say Lucie e Luke Meier, co-creative directors of Jil Sander. “We first met in Florence, and never imagined that we would be back here together showing at Pitti Uomo. This opportunity is a truly special one, and we look forward to contributing to the legacy of this city and Pitti Uomo”.

Who is Issey Miyake's new artistic director: Satoshi Kondo?

October 03 2019 | fashion News

Satoshi Kondo's new vision of Issey Miyake is young, poetic and frenetic.

EU's Right To Repair

October 08 2019 | design News

The European Commission has ratified "right to repair" regulations, which will constraint manufacturers to design longer-lasting products and deliver spare parts readily available to consumers for up to 10 years.