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until Monday April 27 2009

From 10am to 9 pm
Porro duriniquindici
T : +39 02 76 39 44 08
via Durini, 15
20121 Milan

Presse Contact
Barbara Barbato
T : +39 02 33 10 46 75

Natural woods, coloured metals, black and white decorations, polished and matt contrasts: experimentation on the surfaces for the home -office by Porro.
Contrasts between shiny and opaque, minimum thickness and rounded edges, to soften the rigorous geometries giving visual continuity, these are the features that characterise the new sectional table by Piero Lissoni. Its aluminium structure with “L”-shaped profile and reduced section can go with tops made from various materials, from transparent and back-painted glass (black in the photo), to natural or lacquered wood, for an office that is modifiable and personalisable, more elegant and inviting.
Alongside it is the new total black variation on the H.chair armchair by Christophe Pillet, with its leather seat and opaque black painted metal structure. For 2009 this family is enriched with two new types, the office chair on spokes and the model covered in fabric, for a reassuring dining room or meeting room, with typically French chic sobriety.

Designers: Piero Lissoni, Front, Christophe Pillet, Decoma Design

21 April Press Preview - from 10am to 8pm