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Domestic Pop-Up Shop

until Monday April 27 2009

from 10am to 7pm
via Novi, 4
20144 Milan

Contact Press
Stéphane Arriubergé
T : +33 (0) 1 48 45 94 60
F : +33 (0) 1 48 45 94 79

Massimiliano iorio

New Collections And Designers: The New Domestic Landscapes, One Strip, Narcisse designed by Matali Crasset, Inga Sempe, Oscar Diaz, Studio Job, Ana Mir+ Emili Padros, Timorous Beasties, O.Peyricot et Sylvie Chanchus, Dylan Martorell, Ich&Kar, Tania et Vincent, Jeremyville, Cocktail Designers, Antoine+Manuel, Eboy, Mark Verhaagen, Anamorphee, +41, Pandarosa, Genevieve Gauckler, Laurent Fetis, Kustaa Saksi, Rolito, Ryan Cox…. Scenography Matali Crasset.

21 April Press Preview - from 3pm to 7pm
24 April Cocktail - from 5pm to 7pm